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[day and day]

Dengan namaMu Allah,aku bermula

suka cerita ini

I told GOD let all my friends be healthy and happy forever!
GOD said:But for 4 days only!
I said:Yes, let them be a Spring day,Autumn day,Summer day & Winter day!
GOD said:No. 3 days!
I said:Yes, Yesterday,Today&2mrw!
GOD said:No. 2 days!
I said:Yes,a Bright day (Day Time) and Dark day (Night Time)!
GOD said:No.Just 1 day!
I said:Yes!
GOD asked:Which day?
I said:Everyday!
GOD laughed and said:U really know how to negotiate.but since u are praying and asking happiness for ur friends,I can’t refuse.
I love everyone who thinks of others 1st,so dont you worry.
All ur friends will be happy everyday!

Give thousand chances to your enemy,to become your friend.
But never give a single chance to your friend,to become your enemy.

di ambil dari sini

p/s 1:comel kan?


  1. coolest ever ~~
    love the short post you have there !!
    lovely one..;)

  2. copy paste saje~
    cm best
    suka nak kongsi~

  3. everyday~!

    Pandainye nego..
    Allah suruh bersungguh mintak padaNya~

  4. yeah,
    if only everybody thinks d same thing as d author, then d world wud b a better place...
    duntcha tink?


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