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[asy syahid]

Dengan namaMu Allah,aku bermula

Sheikh Abdullah Azzam spent a long time participating in the Jihad in Palestine. However, matters there were not to his liking, for the people involved in the Jihad were far removed from Islam. He told of how these people used to spend the NIGHTS PLAYING CARDS and LISTENING TO MUSIC, under the ILLUSION that they were performing JIHAD to LIBERATE PALESTINE. Sheikh Abdullah Azzam mentioned that, out of the thousands in the camp he was in, the number of people who offered their Salah in congregation were SO FEW that they could be counted on one hand. He tried to steer them towards Islam, but they resisted his attempts. One day he rhetorically asked one of the 'Mujahideen' what the religion behind the Palestinian revolution was, to which the man replied, quite clearly and bluntly, "This revolution has no religion behind it.".This was the last straw. Sheikh Abdullah Azzam left Palestine.

ada seseorang yang memberi saya tugasan untuk mengkaji tentang tokoh gerakan ini
(yang lagi seorang tolong jangan perasan dialah orangnya)

saya memang berminat dengan asy syahid

moga semuanya untuk ummah!