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[kisah orang hebat]

The Romans captured the great sahabi 'Abdullah bin Huzaifah as Sahami,and took him to their king,who said to him:"become christian and i will share kingdom with you and give you my daughter's hand to marriage".he (Abdullah) said to him,"even if you gave me all that you possess and all that the Arabs possess to make me give up the religion of Muhammad for the blink of eye,i would not do it."He said. "then i'll kill you".He said, "its up to you".so the king ordered that he be crucified and the archers shoot him near his hands and feet,whilst he was telling him to become christian,but he refused to do so.then he ordered that he be taken down and a huge pot of COPPER be heated up.then one of the muslims prisoners was brought and thrown into it,and when he looked there was nothing left but bones.He again told him to become christian,but he refused.then he ordered that he be thrown into the pot,and he was lifted on a pulley to be thrown in,but he WEPT and the king hoped that he would respond and again told him to become christian.but 'Abdullah said, "i am only weeping because i have but ONE SOUL to be thrown into this pot for the sake of Allah.i wish that i had as many soul as there are HAIRS on my body,so that they may ALL RECEIVE THIS TORTURE FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH."


  1. whoa, what a vision! full + complete yet excellent imagination..

    thats what we call the Rasul (pbuh)'s sahabiy~

  2. aah
    mereka sahabat nabi
    tapi kita kan saudara nabi?
    perlu lebih hebat!

    (cerita ini cerita motivasi untuk semua)


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