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[ini 'umar]

'Ali,'Uthman,Talhah,az Zubayr,'Abdur Rahman and Saad(may Allah be pleased with them all) gathered together,and 'Abdur Rahman bin 'Auf was the most outspoken of them with 'Umar.they said, "o 'Abdur Rahman,why dont you speak to ameer al mu'mineen concerning the people?sometimes one who is in need comes with fear of ' Umar prevents him from speaking,and he goes back without having his need met."so he went to him and spoke to him about that,and he said, "o 'Abdur Rahman,i adjure you by Allah,did 'Ali,'Uthman,Talhah,az Zubayr and Sa'ad or some of them tell you to say this?".he said "yes,by Allah".he said "o 'Abdur Rahman,by Allah,i was kind to people until i feared Allah because of being too kind,then i was harsh with them until i feared Allah because being too harsh.What is the solution?".'Abdur Rahman got up,weeping and dragging his izar,and gesturing with his hand as if to say,"what a bad state they will be in after you are gone."

ini 'umar.
ini juga mungkin saya.

p/s:ada kalangan kalian yang merasakan demikian dengan saya?mohon berikan penyelesaian kepada saya.