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[sayings from 'umar...]

some sayings of 'Umar which became well known among the people

1-"no one is suited to this position except the one who is GENTLE without being WEAK,and STRONG without being HARSH"

2-"i want a man for the position of governorship who,when he is the leader of people he would be thought of as one of them,and when he is one of them he would be thought of as their leader"

3-"i complain to Allah of the wrongdoing of one who is STRONG and the incapability of one who is PIOUS"

4-"whoever does not recognize evil is more likely to fall into it"

5-"i am not a crafty person but i cannot be deceived by a crafty person"

6-"when Allah commands people to do a thing,he helps them to do it.and when he forbids them to do a thing,he renders them independent of it"