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[mu'az bin jabal]

mari bercerita tentang mu'az ibn jabal

mu'az encouraged the people to seek knowledge,and he said "seek knowledge,for learning for the sake of allah is piety,seeking it is worship,discussing it is tasbeeh,pursuing it is jihad,and teaching it to one who does not know it is charity.knowledge shows us what is halal and what is haram,and is the beacon of the people of brings COMFORT when one is lonely,and shows the CORRECT WAY to behave at times of ease and times of is a weapon against one's enemies.Allah raises people (in status) because of it and makes them among the elite,leaders whose example is followed and whose opinion is adopted"

he stayed in syria,teaching the people their religion,until he was striken with the plague of 'amwas.his companions wept over him and he said,"why are you weeping?"they said,"we are weeping for the knowledge which will be cut off when you die." he said,"knowledge and faith will abide until the day of resurrection.whoever seeks them will find them in the quran and sunnah.check everything you hear against the quran,but do not check the quran against anything that you hear"

as he was dying,each time he regained conciousness and opened his eyes,he would say "my lord,let me die the way you want.for by your glory,you know what my heart love you."

when he came to Hom,he said to its people, "this world is transient but present,and the hereafter is a true promise.this world has its children and the hereafter has its children,so be children of the hereafter and do not be children of this world,for every mother is followed by her children."

p/s 1:pada mana2 ust yang baca blog ni,or pada sape2 yg boleh bg saya pemahaman,tlg saya fahamkan kenyataan yg kedua.saya xfaham.huhu
p/s 2:baru dapat tahu,rupa2nya 'umar suka poetry~~~heeeeee=)