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[kata 'umar]

"help me against (the evil of) myself by enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil,and by offering me advice"

"o people,we have RIGHTS over you:SINCERITY towards us in our absence and HELP indoing good"

"the MOST BELOVED of people to me is the one who POINTS OUT MY FAULTS"

"i FEAR that i may make a MISTAKE and NO one among you will CORRECT me out of RESPECT for me"

one day a man came to him and said to him-in the presence of witnesses-"fear allah o 'umar!".some of those present became angry and wanted to silence him,but 'umar said to them,"there is no goodness in you if you do not say and there is no goodness in us if we do not listen"

p/s:moga kata kata itu juga kata kata saya!